Our Vision

To bring healing and hope to individuals and families who are being shattered by all kinds of addictions and dysfunctional patterns.

Our Purpose

To raise awareness and empower the emotional health of individuals to bring freedom to all generations through the use of restoration programs, counseling and workshops.

Our Partners

Partnership is in our DNA. When we work together, we can increase our impact to forge healthier and prosperous individuals everywhere, for a peaceful and hopeful future for us and our coming generations. Explore here


Where your Money Goes

By supporting Ubroken Generations you will sponsor the development and operation.
of a restoration city, where individuals and families from all over the world can be healed.
from the causes of their dysfunctional behaviours through an emotional and mental healing journey.

Your f inalcial contribution will make a direct impact on the awareness and education needed to reverse the trend of destruction in our generation through workshops, counseling, events
and partnerships.

I COMMIT to assess the course of my story and compromise to enhance my emotional life  impact my and future generations

¬°Thank You!


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