Our Vision

To bring healing and hope to individuals and families who are being shattered by all kinds of addictions and dysfunctional patterns.

Our Purpose

To raise awareness and empower the emotional health of individuals to bring freedom to all generations through the use of restoration programs, counseling and workshops.



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Our Partners

Partnership is in our DNA. When we work together, we can increase our impact to forge healthier and prosperous individuals everywhere, for a peaceful and hopeful future for us and our coming generations. Explore here


Where your Money Goes

By supporting Ubroken Generations you will sponsor the development and operation.
of a restoration city, where individuals and families from all over the world can be healed.
from the causes of their dysfunctional behaviours through an emotional and mental healing journey.

Your f inalcial contribution will make a direct impact on the awareness and education needed to reverse the trend of destruction in our generation through workshops, counseling, events
and partnerships.

Our Board

Liliana Merlano


Liliana and her husband Jaime Garcia are the founders and directors of Canaan USA, Canaan Church and There is Hope (Recovery Program). Liliana is a woman of unshakeable faith; she loves saying that she is married for the second time to her first husband; she is a passionate mother of three beautiful daughters. Liliana is a teacher, a writer and a leader of leaders.
Liliana obtained a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, from

Liliana Grisales


Liliana is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the Foundation, including content to drive awareness and developing partnerships. Recognized for her innovative spirit and tenacity to transform ideas into highly effective plans and outcomes. Visionary and multicultural marketing executive with more than 24 years of record in global companies.
She is native from Colombia and resides in Miami, US. Electronic Engineer of profession with a Master Degree in International Business from South Easter University . She is a proud mother of two extraordinary daughters.

Monica Borde


Monica has been focused on the areas of Clinical and Health Psychology in processes of therapeutic intervention in cognitive behavioral approach, cognitive restructuring, emotion management and conducting group intervention workshops as needed. Bilingual psychologist from University of La Sabana, Bogotá, Colombia.
More than 16 years of experience focused on individual, family and marriage therapy. Monica is convinced that it is essential to identify the root of the emotional patterns and use the proper tools to enhance the wellness of the inner being.

Alexa Martinez


Alexa Martinez is a Business woman, with a family of four children’s, with a strong conviction that education is the key to eradicate poverty in all the areas, health, personal, family, financially and spiritually. The most you learn and applied the most you will succeed.

Angela Prada


Angela Prada is an entrepreneurial woman with a heart to work for the community. Business administrator, businesswoman, firm believer that each of us has a responsibility to put our knowledge and talents to improve the world where we live in and to help those who are called “less favored.” Angela has a vast experience in social work.
She is a mother of 2 and a commercial and Industrial Real State agent in Miami, with an MBA from the University of the Incarnate Word in Texas

Soraya Jimenez


A Native Colombian, Soraya fell in love with education when she was a very young woman. She developed a passion for teaching and helping people. She believes that there is goodness inside of every person, and that with the right tools and guidance each person can find their purpose and make the world a better place. Soraya has a Bachelor Degree in Education and has been a teacher for 23 years. She is married and has three kids.

I COMMIT to assess the course of my story and compromise to enhance my emotional life  impact my and future generations

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